Woman ‘livid’ as Depop customer demands refund despite snaps of them wearing item

Woman ‘livid’ as Depop customer demands refund despite snaps of them wearing item

A woman has shared her outrage after a customer has requested a refund on the shopping platform Depop, despite having purchased it four months ago.

TikTok user @ellie.middleton08 described feeling “absolutely livid” after giving the clothing a second life on the app.

In the video – that has surpassed 780,000 views to date – Ellie shared her frustration after a customer asked for their money back.

However, to make matter worse the seller had shockingly come across photos of the customer’s boyfriend wearing the item.

Taking to the video-sharing platform, the seller recounted her experience with the sale after discovering photos she found from the customer’s Facebook page.

Ellie said: “I sold something to someone on Depop right at the beginning of the year – January, February, March time.”

“Everything was fine, there was never a problem.

“Last week, I received an email off Depop saying that the buyer’s not happy with the quality of the item and wants to get a refund.”

After describing her frustration with the “length of time” that had passed, the seller put her foot down about the product’s quality.

“I want the item back in the original packaging. If it’s really that bad of quality, she must have obviously not worn it… No. No.”

In fact, Ellie was left in shock after discovering the woman’s Facebook account – and the pictures she found alongside it.

“What’s on her Facebook account? A fg picture of her boyfriend wearing the hoodie that I fg sold her.

“She’s now provided proof to Depop that she’s sent the f*g item back to me.”

The TikToker shared that she “doesn’t want” the item back after someone else has been wearing it.

She added: “But now, I have got to refund her this money – I don’t f*g think so,” she said.

Ellie went on: “Now, you think that that’s ok to send an item back to me that someone’s boyfriend has f*g been wearing?

“And I’ve got a picture of that said person’s boyfriend wearing the exact f*g item.

“I’m actually in shock… I can’t believe it.

“How can they send an item back to me that I sold brand new in the f*g packaging? It’s not going to come back with the tags.

“It’s going to come back smelling of someone’s fg aftershave.

“So, how can they expect me to refund them?”

A spokesperson for Depop said: “At Depop, the safety and security of our community is our top priority.

“We have comprehensive Buyer and Seller Protection programmes in place, which means you’ll get your money back if the item you bought doesn’t arrive, your purchase is not as described, or items are missing from your order.

“Every claim under our Buyer and Seller Protection policy is examined carefully by a member of our Support or Payments team, who have extensive experience in resolving these situations.

“We understand that sometimes things go wrong between buyers and sellers – and we’ll step in where users can’t resolve issues between themselves. In this instance, the buyer did qualify for a refund in based on our internal review, and as a gesture of goodwill, we have also refunded the seller.”