‘I kicked my daughter’s friend out of her birthday party she was taking shine off her’

‘I kicked my daughter’s friend out of her birthday party she was taking shine off her’

If someone was ruining your daughter’s tenth birthday party, what would you do?

One woman decided she’d had enough of her daughter’s friend’s behaviour and ‘meltdowns’ – so she decided to kick her out.

She then felt slightly guilty after her husband suggested she should’ve let her stay – so she took to Reddit’s ‘Am I The A**hole’ forum to check whether people thought what she’d done was justified.

The mum wrote: “I (35F) have a 10-year-old daughter named Alicia. She just turned 10 this past Thursday and the party was Saturday.

“Alicia has a good friend at school named Quinn and she was at the party along with her mom Liz. The party was at one of those indoor trampoline, bouncy house places. I do not like Liz because she spoils Quinn to the point that’s she impossible to discipline, she doesn’t listen, and is very self-centred.

“Quinn is so spoiled that she throws tantrums whenever the attention isn’t on her, so I was afraid this would be an issue at the party but Alicia really wanted her there. So Alicia gets her cake and Liz actually asked me if Quinn could blow out the candles with my daughter.

“Alicia and I both said no and Quinn started to cry. Everyone ignored her while we ate cake and when we moved onto gifts.

“Quinn threw a full blown tantrum when she saw Alicia opening all her presents from her family and friends. She screamed about wanting one of Alicia’s gifts and how it wasn’t fair how she was “getting everything.” It was so embarrassing because even people outside of our party room heard.

“Alicia was getting annoyed trying to yell her thank you’s to the guests for her gifts because some of them barely heard her over Quinn’s tantrum. The kids went to play again (one of the parents suggested it to get away from Quinn’s screaming) and she sat there and pouted instead of playing.

“After everyone left the room I told Liz that she needed to take her daughter home because she was making Alicia’s party about her meltdowns. I said that Quinn obviously didn’t want to be there because the day wasn’t about her, so it would make sense to just leave.

“Liz tried to say she would calm Quinn down but I wouldn’t even let her speak. I demanded that she leave and went out to watch my daughter play. My husband (he was on his way, he was coming later on) told me that I should have just let Quinn stay instead of causing a scene and adding to the drama because Alicia was still having a good time.

“I don’t know, I just don’t think Alicia wanted someone throwing tantrums every two seconds at her 10th birthday party even if she didn’t say it. That’s not ideal for anyone. Am I the a**hole?”

People were shocked at the child’s behaviour and said the mum was justified for wanting her daughter’s day to go smoothly.

One said: “It’s not even about control, it’s about teaching our kids from early on and help them to deal with their emotions when they are leaning. Clearly that is something Liz and the other parent have don’t been doing for Quinn.”

“She’ll never be invited to a party again”, another wrote.

The mum replied: “At home I talked with Alicia and said that behavior is unacceptable and that’s why I asked her friend to leave, but I apologised. She said she understood because she didn’t like how Quinn was throwing tantrums either. She still wants to be friends at school but I think she’ll be afraid to invite Quinn to another event.”

Another reassured the mum writing: “Your daughter’s friend had her opportunity to enjoy your daughter’s birthday with her. She had a chance to be happy for her and play nicely with others. She couldn’t do that.

“What you did was perfectly reasonable. You gave her multiple chances and if anything I would say you gave her too many chances! Your daughter had time with her and she had time without her. Let’s hope she learns her lesson….but I doubt she will.”