Teacher leaves student in tears after she realises dog didn’t go live on farm

Teacher leaves student in tears after she realises dog didn’t go live on farm

A teacher caused her student to burst into tears after realising her parents didn’t actually send her dog to live on a farm.

The computer science teacher was taking a class of ten to 11-year-olds when she changed up her lesson plan, stating her original idea went to “live on a farm”.

Wondering why she used this phrase, one girl, named Chloe, told her teacher that her terrier was sent to Wisconsin to help out a farmer with his day-to-day work.

But without missing a beat, her friend, Linna, quickly put her right.

Speaking to Reddit, the American teacher said: “We spent about a week working with a piece of software that had been problematic for us from the start – lots of weird server hang ups and failed updates.

“I decided that I would try something new. I started up with the new software and an introduction activity.”

Questioning the change, Chloe asked the teacher: “Wait, this isn’t that other software? Why aren’t we going to do that any more?”

To which she responded: “Nope. That project went to live on a farm in Wisconsin. We’re doing something new, now.”

Chloe followed up with: “Before we moved, my dog went to live on a farm in Wisconsin!”

Explaining how Chloe can quickly loose interest in what she is working on, she said: “Chloe is one of the sweetest kids I’ve taught. She is always bright-eyed and bushy tailed, a talented artist who has a lot of compassion for the people around her.

“She’s also a massive space cadet who needs to be constantly brought back on track with whatever is happening around her.”

And when describing her friend, who she sits next to in class, she added: “Linna is blisteringly intelligent and well accomplished for her age, with a sense of importance that goes along with being a semi-prodigy at age 10.

“She became a Karen in utero, comes from a mighty line of Karens and shall one day walk among them as their Queen.”

After overhearing Chloe explain how her dog is now ‘living on a farm’, Linna didn’t spare a moment to set her straight, saying: “Parents say that when your dog dies. Your dog is dead, Chloe”.

With that, Chloe burst into tears in the middle of class.

The teacher added: “I felt so bad that I emailed mom to give her a heads up that she might have a sad kid on her hands after school.

“Her mum replied that the dog was a little terrier and not very well trained. It bolted from her car in a parking lot after she’d taken it for pre-travel vaccinations. It was hit by another car and died on the spot.

“They’re going to tell her a slightly less graphic version of the story.”

While most users shared a thought for Chloe, others couldn’t help but laugh at the teacher’s unfortunate situation.

One user said: “I feel bad for laughing but I’m just imagining the faces of 30 kids being crushed at once.”

Another user added: “When I was about 10, my grandparents moved to a different state. They told my siblings and I that their dog, Queeny, went to live at a farm.

“Well into my teen years I asked my grandma to clarify. I point blank asked her if they put the dog down. She got offended and told me the dog went to live with some friends from their church. It was awkward.”

A third user said: “My grandparents who live on a lovely farm in Canada once adopted their friends’ elderly dog when they couldn’t take of her anymore.

“She lived a few more years, getting showered with love, running around free, and going on outdoor adventures.

“I wonder how it would sound when their friends describe what happened, especially if they have kids, since the fantasy was true here.”