‘My neighbour keeps leaving used nappies outside her house it’s disgusting’

‘My neighbour keeps leaving used nappies outside her house it’s disgusting’

An anonymous woman has criticised her neighbour after she said they often leave “bags of used nappies” outside their front door – which she also claims occasionally blow over into her own garden.

The woman took to Mumsnet to vent her frustrations as she said that she’s “disgusted” and “fed up” with her neighbour’s actions, as it means she has to clean up the nappies that end up in her front garden as a result of the other woman’s actions.

She insisted that the act of putting the nappies outside doesn’t bother her by itself, but she’s not fond of having to deal with having used nappies on her property when the wind picks them up.

Sharing a picture of one of the nappies on Mumsnet, she titled her post: “[Am I being unreasonable] to think this is disgusting and to be fed up with it?”

And she then wrote: “My lovely neighbour thinks it’s pleasant to put bags of used nappies on her front doorstep – sometimes for a whole day. Presumably, this is because they smell and she does not want them in the house. Rank as this is and unpleasant for the postman, this is not my problem.

“However, if there is any wind, these nappies blow into my front garden, where they fester until I pick them up and dispose of them. I have asked her not to do this, but she says she does not care what I think.”

Commenters on the post were split on how to tackle the situation, as some said it was “unhygienic” to leave the nappies outside and questioned why the mum doesn’t just put them in the bin.

One person said: “Why doesn’t she just chuck them straight into a bin? Completely unhygienic.”

While another added: “Why can’t she just place them in a bin?”

But others noted that she can use her own doorstep however she likes and said that a nappy done up as tightly as the one in the photo seemed to be wouldn’t smell that much.

Someone noted: “It’s her doorstep. Presumably, she doesn’t want to leave the baby. Done up tightly like that in the open air doesn’t tend to smell that much. I couldn’t get stressed about this. I’d just assume she’s a bit anxious about leaving her baby and is trying to cope.”

As someone else wrote: “My neighbour does this, it really doesn’t bother me and it’s never for more than a few hours. I can’t see how a [used] nappy would blow across to another garden?”

Many commenters opted not to take a stance on the neighbour’s actions, and simply told the Mumsnet poster to put on a disposable glove and put the nappies back on her neighbour’s property.

One person said: “Glove up and throw them back into her garden.”